I’ve always been a self-thought type of guy and that certainly informed the way I acquired my design and coding skills. I learned QBasic on my HC-90 when I was 10, Pascal and C during high school and I got my first job in college as a Flash developer and animator for eLearning projects.

Along the way I co-founded a company, left said company to work for a multinational, then left said multinational to work for myself. I discovered that I have a passion for web design and typography and thought myself WordPress.

I worked remotely with clients from all over the world on different web design projects, I grew a WordPress blog to almost 1k subscribers and generated $82k in passive income by selling my own WordPress themes on ThemeForest. I did this for the better part of the last 10 years and learned a lot about design, development and business in general.

These days I focus on constantly educating myself about web design and development (currently learning Figma and React) and how I can streamline the website creation process.

Talk to you soon!